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Why students are bummed up???

From social media, we have heard numerous times that students are suiciding due to their poor performance in schools or coaching institutions. Have you ever tried to gain information why such things happen ?? Jump into the article written itself by a student.

1) Technology 

Technology was created to benefit the mankind. Now, it is becoming a tool of mass destruction. Whether a person will be benefitted or harmed depends on the person. You could either use Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc or utilize your time carefully. 

2) Stress 

Sometimes stress can play a very dominating role over a person. Lets admit that we all have been under stressfull conditions. So it becomes important to keep your stress level in check. What i can recommend is to atleast mediate for 15 minutes daily. Using this see your body changing in just three weeks. 

3) Setting huge goals 

Have you ever seen a person who decides to lose 30 weight in a month. Well, guess what? The person will fail miserably and never look forward to lose weight because of his failure. What can be done is start with small goals and then gradually increase the level of work. 

4) Health 

Health is something no one can compromise with but we still keep on declining our health level and when it comes down we feel sorry for what we have done. Poor health leads to low self esteem , low self confidence, bad posture  physique and the list goes on. If you dont believe start emphasizing on your diet and pay care if the nutrition requirements are being met. 

5) Negative outlook on life 

What is that affects your performance when you want to do more ?? What is the reason behind people saying i cant win or it will never going to work or i will win not immediately but definitely. It is their outlook on life and  How they see life. These people with positivity can make impossible look possible. They love themselves and see everything as opportunity to improve something. 

Just say ,i am greatest person ever born on this planet. You will definitely feel the change. 


Have you ever kept a check on your confidence level when you fail to do something or score below your expectations. It goes down and the feelings are miserable. How is your outlook on life can make you  or destroy you. Never compare your results with anyone but yourself. 

7) High expectations by parents 

We, in our life have encountered many situations when our parents boost our stress levels hundred times by saying something that should not have been said. We all know that they are our wellwishers but sometimes we cannot understand that feeling because we are feeling  whole lot of other feelings. Our academic or competitive pressure is so high to understand that feelings. 

8) Hardworking skills 

Why hardworking is a skill is one thing to understand?? Imagine your friend saying that i will study 16 hours a day and consider another friend who says i will study 6 hours a day and gradually increase if i feel so. In both cases which one will succeed. Yes, you are right. Second case is doable and is more relevant. 

Practice with perseverance, determination, dedication are the only tools to achieve the dreaming desires.

please share this message if you find it helpful. Add comments to correct the article and add some valueable points.


vasu samnotra said…
Thanks for reading. Please add something to make it more attractive.
Akhil Samnotra said…
Proud of u my buddy ... u are on the right track .. keep on writing some more . All the best and study hard
Victory said…
Amazed to see the level of understanding and reasoning power that you have... you have a great future! Wishes, luck and love!
Excellent inspirational message to the students and to the highly concerned parents. Well composed and informative. Keep it up. God bless.
Can't say better my self. Verrrrrrrrry inspirational
khurana said…
Nice to have come across a matured student point of view. Very well structured, enjoyed the read :)
varun gupta said…
Very gud vasu keep it up bhai sai likha hai tune
Anonymous said…
Nice buddy.
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