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Why students are bummed up???

From social media, we have heard numerous times that students are suiciding due to their poor performance in schools or coaching institutions. Have you ever tried to gain information why such things happen ?? Jump into the article written itself by a student.

1) Technology  Technology was created to benefit the mankind. Now, it is becoming a tool of mass destruction. Whether a person will be benefitted or harmed depends on the person. You could either use Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc or utilize your time carefully. 
2) Stress  Sometimes stress can play a very dominating role over a person. Lets admit that we all have been under stressfull conditions. So it becomes important to keep your stress level in check. What i can recommend is to atleast mediate for 15 minutes daily. Using this see your body changing in just three weeks. 
3) Setting huge goals  Have you ever seen a person who decides to lose 30 weight in a month. Well, guess what? The person will fail miserably and…